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2017 Membership Fee & Registration

2017 Membership Fee Information

As a condition of playing for Echelon Rise, each player is charged a membership fee for the summer season.  The membership fee is an all-inclusive charge that covers all of the associated costs related to the programmed activities for the summer season.  Once the membership fee is paid, the player is not charged any additional fees for any planned programmatic service or activity.

Payment of the membership fee gives each player the right to participate in all Echelon Rise events and activities. Payment of the fee does not bestow upon any player or family the right to exhibit poor effort, bad behavior, offensive speech or communication, or any other inappropriate activity.  Such behavior will be handled according to the guidelines as specified in the Code of Conduct.

The membership fee covers costs/expenses such as:

  • Tournament fees;
  • Uniforms;
  • Fields;
  • Indoor facility (if used);
  • Team equipment (i.e. balls, goals, etc.);
  • Insurance;
  • Coaching expenses;

Please note: the membership fee does not cover travel expenses (i.e. hotel, gas, meals, etc.) related to participating in each tournament venue nor does it cover individual player equipment expenses (i.e.helmet, gloves, stick and other protective equipment as required).

The membership fee is due prior to the commencement of the summer season.  The membership fee may be paid in one payment or in monthly installments. The membership fee for the 2017 Summer season is $1,950.

2017 Summer Season

The 2017 Echelon Rise program offers the following:

  • Expert coaching with in-depth experience in DoubleCrosse System;
  • 3 high profile recruiting tournaments;
  • Training in DoubleCrosse system;
  • Custom uniform set (Reversible; game shorts; shooter shirt);