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Echelon Lacrosse - The Rise Program

Echelon Lacrosse

Echelon Lacrosse was created to specifically leverage the dynamic and progressive knowledge, capabilities, power and effectiveness of the DoubleCrosse System. Recognized as an order of magnitude innovation in the sport, the DoubleCrosse system is a complex conceptualization of how a progressive lacrosse player and team should perform offensively, defensively, and in transition.

The DoubleCrosse System is built upon the foundational fundamentals of box-specific techniques, strategies and tactics which are then carefully imbedded and integrated across the field platform to achieve a creative, counterintuitive system and style of play that is disruptively dominant in form and function.

Echelon Lacrosse is intended for those players who have had either previous exposure and training in the DoubleCrosse System (Rise) or have made the long-term commitment to acquire the knowledge and skills (Force) necessary to leverage the system in on-field competitive environments. The ultimate objective is to showcase the unique capabilities of the system, and the players and teams for which they compete.

Echelon Rise

Echelon Rise was created specifically for players who have the knowledge, skill and expertise to execute and compete using the DoubleCrosse system. Only players trained and developed under the tutelage of coaches familiar with the DoubleCrosse System are eligible to play for Echelon Rise. By limiting participation to players with this specific knowledge and skill base, the unique skill sets and on-field IQ can be showcased in high-profile recruiting events - attracting the attention and interest of college coaches seeking these capabilities.

Players are selected to compete for Echelon Rise by invitation-only. There is no tryout. Players must be knowledgeable in the DoubleCrosse System and have been nominated by their DoubleCrosse-trained coach.

Echelon Rise - Senior

This team is intended for those student-athletes that are competing at the Varsity level and above. Depending on the event, this team may be placed in the High School Varsity, Elite, or the latest graduating year division. Ultimately, the team is comprised of older, more experienced players competing at the highest tournament level.

Echelon Rise - Junior

This team is intended for the lower level high school division which is often called Junior Varsity, Select, "B", or a younger graduating class level. Student-athletes participating on this team tend to be in the grades 8th through 10th grade.