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Echelon Sports Network

Echelon Sports Management, the evolutionary by-product and next generation programmatic off-shoot of the Fire Lacrosse Club, has a national reputation for being one of the most innovative and cutting-edge elite lacrosse programs in the U.S.  From it's humble beginnings as a one-team program in a non-lacrosse market, the organization believed it could accelerate the development of its players, making up lost time for players starting the game late, by creatively leveraging programmatic innovations that allowed players to grow technically, physically, and intellectually at a much faster pace and catch-up to their counterparts in hotbed markets.  The approach has been paying dividends to many of its most committed players as the Club has been placing players into top college lacrosse programs since its inception.

The true sign of an innovator is the depth, breadth, and rate of adoption of its ideas and concepts. By this standard and measure, many elite programs across the country have been rapidly copying and duplicating many facets of our program philosophy, design, structure, and activities. Among our many "firsts" over the years, the following are just a few of the more prominent advancements established by our program:

  1. Created the first elite off-season lacrosse club in West Florida;
  2. Pioneered the first lacrosse-specific "Combine" in the U.S.;
  3. Applied and built-in perfomance training and testing concepts into its player development model;
  4. Shared box lacrosse training perspectives and competitive experiences with Native Americans on the Onondaga reservation;
  5. Integrated indoor (box) techniques, concepts and principles with our field training program;
  6. Created one of the first elite indoor (box) lacrosse teams in the U.S.;
  7. Used advanced technology to break-down, tag and analyze in-game video footage to generate performance data that is applied for enhanced coaching assessment and Player Impact Rating determinations; 
  8. The first and only elite lacrosse program in West Florida to produce a professional lacrosse player;
  9. The first elite program in the U.S. to apply analytics in the assessment and evaluation of its players.

These innovations have undoubtedly positioned our Fire players for some of the most advanced and comprehensive player development experiences anywhere in the world.