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Fire Sports Management
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As an independently-owned and operated membership club, the Fire Sports Management has established policies that ensure the orderly operation and delivery of all programs and services as they relate to its stated mission.  Since membership in the club is a privilege that is earned by competing and being selected for limited spots on each team,  the following policies are provided to inform the club's members of expectations related to its processes and procedures. 

By accepting the offer to play for any of the Fire Sports Management Programs, all players and their parents explicitly agree to abide by the programs policies as stated herein or as otherwise communicated.  Our policies are designed to ensure high-standards of service delivery and continuity in offered programs.  The programs policies and procedures are reviewed on an intermittent basis for accuracy, relevance, and propriety.  Any questions regarding the programs policies and procedures should be directed to the President.


Our refund policy is designed to minimize the impact to both parties in the event of a cancellation.  Our program is resource-intensive and incurs many expenses for each participant very early in the registration process including uniforms, team equipment, mailing costs, processing fees, insurance, facility use fees, etc., to name a few. Based on registrations and enrollments, the club also contracts for services to deliver its program at expected standards.

Due to the high degree of expenses incurred early in the registration period, 50% of the annual fee is non-refundable (regardless of the reason for cancellation) within 30 days of registration. After 30 days of accepting the invitation to play for any program under the Fire Sports Management, the entire annual fee is non-refundable (regardless of the reason for cancellation). 

Any tryout fee, once paid, is non-refundable.